Connecting with Super League fans

Growing market share through sport

IRN-BRU tasked us to grow their market share across the North West of England, through experiential activation that brought to life their sponsorship of the Rugby Super League, across three consecutive seasons. At the heart of the activation was an engaging experiential strategy that encapsulated the IRN BRU brand personality and helped form genuine emotional connections with fans at matches.

The development of an IRN-BRU Fan Zone erected at locations such as the Ethiad Stadium across The Magic Weekend, became a play ground for adults and children alike. Activities included the Tackle Cage, inflatable Sumo Rugby game, merchandise giveaways and most importantly of all ice cold samples of IRN-BRU.

Within the stadium our ‘Can of IRN’ mascot entertained the crowds from pitch-side while fan cannons were used at half time, to fire special edition IRN-BRU t-shirts into the stands.